Arben Kane

Bump Networks Inc.

The adventure of Bump Networks started with “The Bump” in 2001 and evolved into Bump Networks Inc in 2005. A web/technology services company that grew from sole founder/owner/CEO “Arben Kane Kryeziu” to an international operation with offices in Hawaii, Mainland and Europe:

“My mission for Bump Networks was to actualize and execute my clients ideas into reality. Translate their business ventures into the online space and build up the new revenue frontier.

At Bump networks, we built reservation systems for hotels and resorts, activity companies and e-commerce systems that handled transactions in the million of dollars. Bump Networks Inc., didn’t rely on marketing – we grew with our clientele and relied primarily on referral business. 

It was in 2005 when I redesigned and started the management of the Golden Globes Awards website that pushed my small operations with a team of engineers beyond the Hawaii borders by gaining national and international clients. 

The domain expertise grew in multiple sectors rapidly and at the end the only limitation was the dearth of local talent in Hawaii that stunted the growth and expansion. 

After over 15 years of running this company with my team of dedicated engineers it was time for me (Arben Kane Kryeziu) to evolve and build my own ideas into execution. I am grateful for the opportunity that many clients provided to help them monetize our work into their retirement dollars and it became clear that I had to pick one domain expertise obtained and make it my legacy.

So I thank all my clients, such as Maui News, Maui Time, Blue Hawaiian, Maui Activities, Maui Sothebys, Haleakala Times, Maui Babe, Maui Kai, Napili Sunset, Lahaina Galleries, Naish, Aqua Sports, Times Groceries, Hollywood Foreign Press, The Pacific Disaster Center, Yodle, Maui Sights & Treasures, Ironwood Ranch, Pacific Whale Foundation, Derick Sebastian, Ohana Fun, etc.

I’m grateful for each of you and how your trust and business allowed me to grow Bump Networks into the company it became.

A lot of you asked me why it was called “bump”, and some of you know – but just in case. When I visited Hawaii on my first trip, I encountered the street bumps for the first time – just imagine I grew up in Germany, where streets were engineered to allow cars to go fast, the autobahn… In Hawaii, it seemed that it was perfectly reasonable to shake you to the core – just to make you slow down. It was a whole new reality and so impactful – that I promised myself that day, if I ever open up a new company – I will call it the bump. I kept my promise – since I wanted Bump to be as impactful as those Hawaiian street bumps. Slow you down, shake you up and take notice of your surroundings. 

It’s been an honor to have served the community and since 2018 I have fully transitioned to my new venture and passion, which was inspired by the Pacific Disaster Center and our collaboration.”


Arben Kane Kryeziu