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Flikdate Homepage
  • Client: Flikdate, Inc.
  • Delivered: November 2012
  • Service: Mobile
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Until now, online dating was missing the obvious. You can learn more in mere minutes of real-world face time than from hours of looking at fuzzy pictures and inaccurate profiles. Flikdate detects the one thing other dating services can't and won't: instant chemistry. Why waste hours on awkward dates when you know within the first 90 seconds if you want to spend a whole evening talking to someone. 


Introducing Flikdate — the fastest date in the world. No profiles, no waiting, no speed limits. Flikdate Beta is the world's first mobile dating service with real-time video. Flikdate adds a refreshing breath of "YES!" to the dating experience. Evaluate your potential dates instantly with fun, safe and real-time video on your mobile. Avoid the traps of people who don't look like their photos or aren't nearly as cool or funny as they say they are. No profiles to fill out or worry about — after signing in, you're one flik away from that awesome person. What are you waiting for?