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  • Client: Bump Networks, Inc.
  • Delivered: May 2011
  • Service: Mobile
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Missed your friend or loved one's birthday? Don't fret over it! The Birthday Elephant app is a simple and fun way of never forgetting your family or friend’s birthday. Facebook birthdays are so easy to miss, with hundreds or even thousands of friends; it’s hard to keep track and even embarrassing to send a belated happy birthday message.


The saying that elephants never forget and over time builds up a social memory is what the Birthday Elephant app was born to do. Not only does the elephant know your friend or loved one’s birthday, but it also automatically writes a greeting on their Facebook wall. Our birthday mobile app for iphones connects to Facebook and makes you look good by sending a birthday message to your Facebook friends just after midnight. By downloading the Birthday Elephant app you’ll never have to say you’re sorry for missing someone’s special day. The Birthday Elephant is the ultimate birthday reminder app; simply download the app at and forget about sending another birthday greeting to your friends again.