Splash Screen and Mood Selection Screen

Mood Statistics, Mood Map and App Settings

  • Client: AmIOK?!
  • Delivered: May 2011
  • Service: Mobile


With all the options for social media and communications available today, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle. Wouldn't it be easier if we could just post a status ONCE, and have it go to all the correct people, whether they're on Facebook or email?


This app (Am-I-OK?!) lets you quickly reach out and share your mood and status, or ask for help from everyone you know in one step! Add a picture too. As a bonus feature, we discovered a way to map the "happiness factor" based on these status updates. After you post a status, you can check out the mood of others anywhere using our cool mood map. We harvest mood factors from social networks to show you the local/worldwide "mood". Misery loves company, happiness is contagious, and hopefully, HELP is around the corner... and thanks to this app, you can share and visualize it too.