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Find Alternative Flights, TARMAC timer and Settings Screen

  • Client: Air Advocate
  • Delivered: November 2011
  • Industry: Travel
  • Service: Mobile, Web
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Sometimes, travel plans change. Flights get overbooked, cancelled, and delayed. Checkins can be tiresome and involved. Sometimes you get stuck on the tarmac. When things go wrong, you find yourself wanting a lawyer crossed with a travel agent and a friendly face at the checkin counter. This unique blend of needs gave way to Air Advocate.


This little app packs some serious punch for any person who travels by plane — be one of the first to know about delays and cancellations, search for alternate flights, and click to check in!  We really pushed the boundaries with our experience in the travel industry to build this app.  It’s the only one that sends you a notification if your flight is full, and it even provides information about your rights as a flyer and what you can expect if you encounter tarmac delays.