Job Opportunities

At Bump Networks, our strategy is simple. We hire the smartest and most passionate people we can find. We value efficiency, productivity, and working smart via technology.

We place great emphasis on maintaining a transparent, apolitical, and intellectually honest environment where everyone's opinion is respected and where people's contributions are acknowledged and rewarded. Bump Networks is always looking for qualified employees, freelancers, contractors, and partner companies in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Web Development (PHP/HTML5/ExtJS)
  • Mobile Development (iOS/Android/WP)
  • Internet Marketing (SEM/Social)
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design (Web/Mobile/App UI)

Bump Networks is an equal opportunity employer.

Featured Opening:

- Business Compliance Director

Oversee contract administration with clients and vendors through negotiations and revisions of contracts; Analyze, evaluate, and implement current sales, marketing, and legal operating procedures; Examine legal corporate agreements and revise to align with business objectives for each client; Perform administrative and management functions related to all legal operations of the company; Review sales and marketing plans and make revisions and/or suggestions to maximize growth and performance; Ensure that sales and marketing plans are in compliance and conform to relevant laws; Participate and ensure that negotiations for revenues and percentage of deposits coincide with company financing requirements and sales plan initiatives; Implement modifications to corporate structure where needed in order to improve efficiency, increase profits, and build a competitive advantage over competitors; Must have knowledge of U.S. and Canadian law relating to privacy, copyright, domain name,  and trademark issues; Masters Degree in Business Law, Legal Studies or related or equivalent foreign degree required plus 1 year experience in job offer. Job site: Kahului, HI. 40 hrs/wk; Email resumes to Petra Grimm at at BUMP Networks, Inc.


Current Openings:

- Web, Mobile & App Development
- Internet Marketing (SEM)
- Graphic Design ( Jr. or Snr. )

  • Lives in Maui
  • Flexible Hours (8-40 hrs per week depending on skill set)
  • Work in our nice modern office in Kahului on fast new computers
  • Medical benefits possible
  • Logic skills required
  • Ability to solve problems, digest and apply information, learn new skills, and think critically.
  • Location: Kahului / Maui
  • Compensation: based on skills/experience
Interested? Send your resume and tell us about yourself via email to: mail(at)
If you are a designer or developer, please include links to some of your projects or portfolio.

(No snail mail or faxes please...after all, how would it look if we didn't work smart using the Internet?)