Aug 23 2011

Bump in News

Looking for ways to increase website traffic? Add a webcam.

In this Self Made in Hawaii segment, Arben Kryeziu discusses how live streaming HD webcams offer businesses a fantastic opportunity to enhance their web presence.

Successful webcams offer users access to something they want to see – a stunning view,  a project under-construction, a retail space, a bird’s-eye view of a high-use area or just about anything else that your audience will appreciate. Webcams create a high-value user experience that promotes return visitors and fosters the circulation of your website’s URL. The cumulative result is an increase traffic and back-links, which strengthens your website’s value and elevates your search engine ranking.  Additionally, you can take advantage of the traffic increase brought on by your webcam by showcasing specials, and banner and text ads to a captive audience.

Take for example the Maui Ocean Safety webcam network, powered by Ozolio Webcam Hosting Soultions and sponsored by local businesses. These cams offer great views of popular  beaches and breaks across the island of Maui and appeal to visitors and ocean enthusiasts alike. Over the past month, this network has commanded the attention of over 85,000 visitors from within and outside of the islands. During the winter months, the network experiences a 40,000 – 60,000 visitor traffic surge as the swells roll in. This traffic triggers the constant circulation of webcam URLs and generates a high volume of links from other websites back to Mama’s Beach Cam, Kiehi Beach Cam, and West Side Cam. The traffic, social media chatter, and link building has helped establish these cams as a resource for the community and for users interested in seeing what Maui has to offer.

Webcam hosting and hardware installation and set-up is quick and easy. Webcam controls like pan-tilt-zoom can be limited to preserve privacy but still offer enough control to ensure the best user experience. The webcam interface can be customized with presets to help users navigate to the ideal angle/zoom combination to take in the best view. Overall, the customization of the webcam’s interface helps businesses highlight their best attributes while preserving privacy. Learn more about webcam features and benefits and webcam hardware and hosting at www.Ozolio.com.