Dec 20 2011

Alexis Wogan in Mobile Ready Website, News, Web Design

The Amazing Maui Babe

Everything about Maui Babe – from their world famous browning lotion, to the story of how the company was created – is amazing. So of course, Maui Babe’s founder Joe Rossi, wanted a web presence as amazing as his line of browning and skin care products. However, before we began constructing a prototype, we took a good look at his existing site.

The Old Maui Babe Website

Even though the design needs to be updated, the website generated a constant flow of orders. We would need to preserve the order history and customer base. Link mapping and incorporating all existing copy would help us retain SEO ranking. However, in order make sure we made the right improvements, we needed to place various types of tracking code so we could observed how users interacted with the Maui Babe website. This process helped us identify what was and wasn’t performing.

The New Maui Babe Website

We discovered that the bounce rate for the checkout page could be reduced. Maui Babe lost potential sales because a percentage of their users would take one look at the checkout page and leave the site. To lower the bounce rate and create more conversions we need more Maui Babe users to trust the website. First, we implemented a simple checkout process. Then, we increased the level of security by installing the highest assurance SSL certificate available at Comodo.com. These next generation SSL certificates are backed by business verification and have a high bit encryption rate. Users feel at ease because they see official badges and a HTTPS in a green address bar during checkout. The end result is a friendly checkout page with undeniable legitimacy.

Beside improving their cart, we added functionality to their shop, created a mobile ready website, installed a blog, connected their social media presence and wrapped it all in slick design. For a complete tour of the feature list, please visit the Maui Babe blog.