Jul 15 2011

Bump in News, Web Design

Self Made in Hawaii – From Concept Sketch to Polished Design

Jess Craven, director and producer of Self Made in Hawaii, came to Bump Networks with a hand drawn sketch and a “very clear idea of what [he] would like.” Self Made in Hawaii, airing on Saturdays on O16 TV, had one season under its belt, a strong following on Facebook and Twitter, a burgeoning blog offering business tips, a YouTube channel full of content, and a freshly released iPhone app. To put it simply, Self Made in Hawaii’s trajectory required a centralized web presence that successfully brought all of these components together.

Concept Sketch

We took Jess’s awesome sketch (we love sketches) and created a simple and stylish design for SelfMadeinHawaii.com. Then we loaded the site with features that support the show’s mission to provide in-depth interviews with successful local entrepreneurs, helpful business and personal finance tips, and an inside look at some of Hawaii’s most unique and exciting jobs.

Polished Design

We kept it simple and configured SelfMadeinHawaii.com to pull video content directly from YouTube and Vimeo. When you land on the homepage, you can quickly browse and watch Self Made’s most recent video segments. Utilizing the mega-sites for video distribution is ideal because Jess only has to upload video files once, to either YouTube or Vimeo, and his website stays up-to-date. The show’s social media presence is prominently showcased on the homepage, along with the most recent blog posts offering small business resources, success tips, news & announcements, and events.

Self Made’s multi-user blog is WordPress driven, so Jess can create user accounts on the fly. Providing businesses with direct blog access encourages them to share more helpful information online. You can find in-depth information about the show’s format, download a media kitwatch all of season one, and catch up on season two. Additionally, you’re just a simple form away from finding out how you can get involved with Self Made in Hawaii. The fully developed SelfMadeinHawaii.com is exactly what producer Jess Craven needed to unite his online presence and support his popular local TV show.

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