Sep 12 2011

Bump Networks in News, Web Design

Bump Networks Awarded Standard of Excellence from the Web Marketing Association

Bump Networks was awarded the Credit Union Standard of Excellence by the Web Marketing Association for the creation of Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union.

Each site is assigned to three or more expert judges for evaluation.  The judges are informed of the mission statement and prospective audience for the site and provided a link with password, if needed, to enter and review the site.   Judges are not told who submitted the entry or which category it is entered into.  They visit the site starting with the URL provided on the entry form and assume the role of a target user.  After reviewing the site, they enter their scores for seven different judging criteria and sometimes overall comments before moving on to the next site.  At the conclusion of the judging, the two highest scores are averaged for the final score.  Any lower scores are dropped, although the comments are retained and provided to the participants.

Each site is judged on each of the seven criteria, earning a score between 0 and 70 points.  The highest score in a given category wins Best Website of that industry. If the remaining entries receive a score of 60 or greater, they receive the Outstanding Website WebAward. Entries receive the Standard of Excellence WebAward when their score is above the average of their industry, but below 60 points.