Sep 29 2011

Kimberly Hunt in News, Web Design

Introducing the new Kasprzycki 2.0!

Bump Networks is proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned Kasprzycki.com!

Jan Kasprzycki’s art work is full of color and passion which served as the perfect inspiration for the new site design. We wanted to showcase his artwork without overpowering it, so we created a series of painterly backdrops to compliment his artistic style. We created a custom CMS which allows the artist to control his gallery and add paintings and artwork quickly and easily. We also simplified the inquiry form for the user by auto-filling the selected artwork’s information into the form.

We encourage you to browse through his latest gallery work and get inspired! And don’t forget to check out Jan’s blog to stay up-to-date on his newest paintings and inspirations. Let us know what you think!

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