May 16 2009

Bump in Web Design

Are You Fit to Start an Online Business?

The biggest misconception about internet business is that it is easy. Most beginners are blinded by big money. They forget that the internet business above all things is a business. Unprepared and unknowing, many people are lured by empty promises. Don’t waste your hard earned money to unscrupulous web design companies. Save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, by making sure that you are ready and well prepared. The following should prepare you in succeeding in your internet business venture:

Business Plan
Creating a business plan should be your first step in coming up with a website. It will serve as a blueprint for your business venture. Part of your business plan should include details about your company, products, short-term and long-term goals, target market, and strategies. Research, as much as you can, about your target audience. Find out how you can attract the right audience for your website. Also, study how marketing is done in the internet. Having a website is not sufficient. A website is merely a tool for your business to work. It is not a replacement for a well researched and formulated business plan.

Web Design
Your website is the face of your business. Don’t just rely on professionals in making the design for your website. Web design companies works best if you have a definite idea in mind. Take charge on how your web site will look like. Don’t be left with mediocre website. Provide some inputs for your web design. Work with a web design company that can translate your idea into a functional website. What does a good website look like? Try surfing the different websites. Find several websites that catches your attention. Study and pick up some inspirations from other website.

What happens if you don’t have a budget? You are likely to over spend for a web design. Without a budget, you’ll end up saying yes to almost everything. Web site designers will try to promise you the moon. You’ll end with an overpriced and mediocre website. Either you pay too much for a mediocre job or you are victimized by opportunistic web site designers. Your budget should be reasonable. Expensive doesn’t translate to quality. Look out for quality rather than cost and stay within your budget.

One of the myths about internet business is that you only need a website and people will start to coming in. Unfortunately, this is the biggest myth of them all. Driving traffic to your website should be one of your top concerns. Regardless of how beautiful or how helpful your website maybe, without traffic, you wouldn’t be able to earn from them. Another concern is the quality of traffic you received in your website. You need to convert traffic to earnings. Your website’s purpose is to generate a return on your investment; to bring you customers. You should have a sound strategy of converting visitors to paying customers.

Bottom line is that you need a website that brings results. You don’t need to be the trendiest website out there. You want a website carefully designed by a team of professionals. We, at Bump Networks, understand your needs. Our teams of hardworking professionals had helped various companies in establishing a successful online presence. We are a Hawaii-based company, a one-stop solution that caters to your online needs. Contact us for a free quote today!