Mar 19 2014

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We Need Your Help With Patent Reform in Hawaii

We need your help on a patent reform issue that is critically important for tech startups and businesses in general.

In particular, this is about patent trolls, also known as patent assertion entities, who enforce patent rights against accused infringers for the purpose of licensing fees, but do not actually make products or supply services based upon those patents.

According to one study by Professor Colleen Chien, 55% of patent troll litigation defendants make $10 million or less in revenues. Startups and small businesses are at the receiving end of frivolous patent litigation that has grown three-fold since 2005, costing the American economy at least $29 billion per year.

As a result, startups find themselves wasting valuable time and resources by putting more executive and engineering time toward depositions, purchasing attorney time to produce millions of documents in discovery, diverting budgets from research and development, and delaying product development and general company growth. This does not take into account the products that never make it to market because of the patent troll threat.

Patent trolls threaten innovation in Hawaii and the growth of the startup community in this state.

Hawaii Senator, Mazie Hirono sits on the Judiciary Committee, and a vote on patent reform is coming up in two weeks. It is critical that she hear local support for reform before the Committee meets.

We need your help in making your views known to the Senator.

You can contact Senator Hirono’s Chief of Staff, Betsy Lin by email at betsy_lin [at] hirono [dot] senate [dot] gov

Or send a letter to:
Senator Mazie Hirono
330 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
(202) 224-6361

Here is a Sample Letter to Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono you can use as a guide.

Our thanks in advance for considering this request.

For those interested, here’s further background on patent troll impact on the startup and VC community:
The startup and tech community make up a large part of the $29 billion in payouts to patent trolls each year. This means:
- Executive/engineering time spent in depositions rather than at work
- Attorney time searching through millions of documents in discovery (which may not relate to actual trial)
- Budgets diverted from R&D toward litigation/legal fees
- Product development potentially delayed by pending litigation

VC Impacts – In Robin Feldman’s 2013 study, she found:
- Startups and VCs overwhelming believe that patent demands (originating mostly from trolls) have a negative impact on the venture-backed community
- 74% of the venture capitalists and 58% of the startup companies report that patent demands had a significant impact on a company
- 60% of VCs estimate that it costs more than $100,000 for a company to defend against patent infringement allegations, with some reporting costs in the millions of dollars.
- 59% of the venture capitalists and 66% of the startup companies reported that all or most came patent demands came from trolls
- All VCs surveyed indicated that if a company had an existing patent demand against it, it could potentially be a major deterrent in deciding whether to invest.

Start-up Impacts – In Colleen Chien’s 2012 study, she found:
- 40% of startups targeted by patent trolls experienced one or more “significant operational impact” after receiving a demand letter, according to a recent survey of tech startups.
- 66% of unique PAE defendants make $100 Million or less in revenues; 55% of unique PAE defendants make $10 Million or less in revenues.
- “40% percent of small companies that received a demand … reported a ‘significant operational impact’: delayed hiring or achievement of another milestone, change in the product, a pivot in business strategy, a shut-down business line or the entire business, and/or lost valuation.”
- Near 60% of the demands [sent to small companies] involved software or high-tech patents.
- “40% of survey respondents stated that they were being targeted because of their use of another’s or a widely available technology.”

We need new legislation that addresses the patent troll problem by undercutting their business model.
There is current support and momentum to pass a law this year.
- In December the House passed similar anti-troll, pro-innovation legislation in an overwhelming 325 – 91 bipartisan vote.
- President Barack Obama, in his State of the Union address, called on Congress to “pass a patent reform bill that allows our businesses to stay focused on innovation, not costly and needless litigation.”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) also supports anti-troll, pro-innovation legislation. Though he has introduced a bill addressing some of the symptoms of the troll problem, his legislation does not get at the heart of the troll business model and does not do enough.

We need a patent reform bill with reforms that will help us fight back by:
- making it easier to recover attorneys’ fees spent defending against frivolous cases;
- curbing abusive discovery practices;
- raising pleading standards, requiring all patent owners to state their claims upfront; and
- creating a faster, cheaper and less burdensome alternative for challenging poor quality patents.

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Feb 13 2014

Caitlin McKinney in News

Bump’s Media Production Team Wins Two Telly Awards!

We’re excited to announce that two Bump Networks online video productions won medals at the 35th Annual Telly Awards. The Telly Awards celebrate the best film and video productions and web commercials each year.

We are honored to have garnered such recognition, as the Telly Awards receive over 12,000 applicants each year from prestigious ad agencies and production houses all over the world.

Our Piiholo Zipline video won the Silver Award for Internet/Online Promotional Videos in Travel and Tourism. Watch it here:

And for Internet/Online Promotional Videos in the Cultural subcategory, we won a Bronze award for our video about the Old Lahaina Luau, which we created for the Maui Kai content strategy. Watch it here:

Cheers to Jess Craven, our creative media director, for such amazing work!

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Oct 28 2013

Caitlin McKinney in News

Bump is Walking Dead this Halloween

We caught the Halloween bug this week and wanted to spread our spooky spirit. Using AMC’s Walking Dead: Dead Yourself app, we created zombie photos for the whole team on our About Us page.



I think we look pretty good. Especially Vladimir – look at those sweet hands!

To see what we looked like before our zombie transformation, go to our homepage and scroll to the bottom. Rollover our beautiful faces, and shizam! Zombified!

Happy Halloween from the Bump Team!

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Oct 11 2013

Caitlin McKinney in News

Bump’s Design Work for Maui Kai and PDC Win 2013 W3 Awards

We are proud and excited to announce that Bump Networks has won two W3 Silver Awards for 2013. Our Maui Kai design won the User Experience category, and Pacific Disaster Center won the Environmental Awareness category.

Awesome work team!

Make sure you check out the award-winning site designs:

Maui Kai Website

PDC Website

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Oct 04 2013

Alexis Wogan in News

Bump Does the Hana Relay

When we aren’t being nerds behind our computer desks, we are super-people, braving the rugged outdoors of Maui just like Rocky faced the streets of Philly. As natural athletes (some of us…. ahem) we decided to enter the Hana Relay on September 14, 2013. While some of us trained (… ahem) a few brave ones embarked on this 52-mile journey from the Kahului airport to the tropical town of Hana with little conditioning.

Bump split into two teams: Alexis, Kimmy, Tyler, and Joshua on the Speed Bumps (along with their other teammates Mary Elizabeth and Lisa) and Marion Huebner, Thomas, and Caitlin on the Jail Breakers (with their other teammates Dakoda, Jordan, Tiffani and Jeanine). Each team had its own uniform, which helped us spot each other out while racing with the 220 teams.

Speed Bumps


Each teammate took on 3 legs (each leg averaging 3 miles) trekking down the Hana Highway with other relay runners.

The teams cheered each other on the entire 9-hour relay. In the end, we were head-to-head:

Rank Best Split Average Mile:

79  Jail Breakers                           8:45:23     10:06
80  Speed Bumps                         8:51:00     10:12

Looks like we work at each other’s pace – in and out of the office.

Finally, we celebrated the burning of so many calories by eating delicious pizza at Flatbreads in Paia. Job well done team!

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Oct 01 2013

Jared Pendergraft in News, Web Design

Watching Jesse Richman’s Video FLY

Pro Kiteboarder Jesse Richman came to Bump Headquarters and told us he had some top-secret information. Jesse had recorded a video of a never-before-seen kiteboarding stunt and he wanted our help releasing it to the world.

A week prior to our meeting, Jesse made kiteboarding history (again). He had successfully sailed his kite up 790 feet and nimbly brought it down for a perfect landing.  It was an astonishing stunt and he wanted the whole world to see it – in 2 days. On day one, we made and on day two, we executed.

First, our amazing team came up with a splash page, featuring hand drawn illustrations and social media links, to host the YouTube video. We crafted a PR kit and did lots of outreach to journalists and the kiteboarding community. The site was a hit and we brought in tens of thousands of view that day.

Jesse’s video was shared on over 300 publications. Original pieces were written on The Telegraph, Maui News, Surfer Today, and tons more. The hashtag #JesseTowUp was all over Twitter and Facebook. Jesse’s Facebook presence blew up with 20% more followers on the first day.

To date, Jesse’s video has received 1.3 million views – which is unheard of for a kiteboard video. The post-video explosion triggered Jesse to renew his sponsorship with Naish Kiteboarding, he was accepted into Red Bull King of the Air competition, and he won AWSI Kiteboarder of the Year for 2013.

Now the world has been properly bated – we all want to know – what will Jesse do next?

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Aug 23 2013

Caitlin McKinney in Mobile Applications, News

Apps we LOVE

As a team of techies we all appreciate a great app. I recently explored the devices of my astute colleagues to see what cool applications they use in their everyday lives.

Arben, our fearless leader, has FOUR apps he regularly uses: Flipboard, for his daily news; echoecho, to monitor the location of his friends and family in real-time; Lemon Wallet, to slim down the size of his actual wallet; and WindAlert, to let him know when the best times to kite are. Lauren, our lead PM, can’t live without Divvy, to help her and her friends split the check at restaurants; and Groopic, which allows her to mesh two photos for great friend pics. She says, “It works pretty well, except that one time it gave my friend 2.5 eyeballs.”

Alexis, our senior PM, also loves FlipboardOvergram, to make memes out of photos of her cat, Adventure Kitty (here’s one for your viewing pleasure)….

and Readmill.  Marion, our IA and expectant mother, uses her Facebook and Pregnancy+ apps daily. The Pregnancy+ app has lots of cool photos and lets her know what to expect daily and weekly. Tyler, our front-end IA/PM, uses Wunderlist to keep his life in order.

Olga, our marketing manager, frequents WhatsUp, Viber, and Skype to stay in touch with friends. She also loves to use Hipstamatic, which gives her photos a retro look. Jared, our designer, gets down with many apps on his work computer: Sketch, the designer’s toolbox; Coda, a designer’s closet; Hammer, a designer’s sports car; Scala Preview, a designer’s medicine; and Adobe Creative Suites. However, away from his desk, you can find him using TwitterInstagramReadability, which transforms illegible mobile sites into readable designs; and Reeder, which feeds him news he’s interested in, for fun.

Josh, our senior graphic designer, is obviously into working out by his selection of apps he uses on the regular: Pushup Warrior, which has a hunky real-life man as its app icon; Map My Ride, which tracks his cycling routes; Fitocracy, which makes exercise fun with rewards and punishments for tracked fitness; and Gymboss 2 Interval Timer, which is a programmable interval timer perfect for cardio workouts and HIIT training. Larlene, our design intern, loves Soundhound, which identifies songs and lyrics for her; Wake, an alarm that shakes her pillow to wake her up in the morning; and Evernote, which organizes her life and allows her to make awesome checklists.

You’ll find me using these two apps all the time, sometimes simulteously: Waze, which provides the fastest driving route based on social tracking of accidents and traffic; and Spotify, which allows my friends and I to share awesome playlists with each other. Hope you found an app or two from our collection that you can add to yours.


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Aug 20 2013

Alexis Wogan in News

2013 Hawaii’s Fastest 50: Our Best Ranking

We are so grateful to be on Pacific Business News’ Hawaii’s Fastest 50 Growing Companies list this year. In 2010, we placed at #38, and in 2011, we were at #44. We are proud to say that we are thriving at our best showing — #25.

Staying innovative, taking ownership, and treating our teammates, partners, and clients with the upmost respect allow us to grow here on Maui. We continue to develop our business overtime and try new things in order to succeed. See all the winners.

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Jul 29 2013

Caitlin McKinney in Mobile Ready Website

What’s Better for My Business? Responsive Design vs. Mobile Site

Example of Responsive Design

Each year, an increasing number of Internet users are accessing the web with mobile phones and tablets. This creates quite a predicament for designers when trying to design a website. Designers aren’t just designing for desktops and laptops anymore, they have various screen sizes to accommodate. In the past, to serve mobile users, we’ve created separate mobile sites with customized content and a mobile URL. Recently, developers have come up with a new way to accommodate large and small screens with a little thing called responsive web design.

“What’s responsive design?” you ask. It just means that your site is developed and designed to adapt, or respond, to any device that your viewer is using. Rather than having two different sites for large and small screens, you have one site that provides an amazing user experience on any device.

We’re hearing about a booming number of companies going with the responsive site, and you’re probably wondering: “Is a responsive site right for me?” Or: “How can I get my site to be responsive?”

Great questions. There are a few matters to evaluate before jumping the gun on a responsive design. First, think about the amount of content you have.  In order for your content to work with a responsive site, it must be adjusted so that it will look good on all devices. In many cases, it is much easier to make a second site for smaller screens with customized content, rather than trying to make all of your content fit.

In addition, image-rich websites tend to perform better when images are given a designated size. Although the images will respond to smaller devices with a responsive design, it’s difficult to ensure that high-resolution images are getting served to iPads and low-resolution images are being served on older mobile phones in a timely fashion.

Another important question to ask yourself: Do you really want to redo your entire website? In order to create a responsive site, you’ll have to make updates to your current site, so it may change the operation of your website. Creating a separate mobile site may be the answer for you if you’re happy with the performance of your current site for larger screens.

Now you may be asking, “What are the benefits of a responsive site?” There are plenty! For one, responsive sites are much easier to maintain. When updating your content, you only have to update one site – rather than transferring content from your website to your mobile site.

And equally important, Google recommends responsive design for SEO. When you have a mobile site and a regular website, your business has two URLs. When you have a responsive site, there’s only one URL that people will use regardless of what device they are using. This helps Google’s algorithms assign indexing properties for content, which in return, optimizes your URL for search ranking.

There are many benefits to having a mobile site or a responsive site. It’s a big decision, but we’re happy to walk you through making your choice. Whatever you choose, it’s just important that you get a functioning, well-designed site that people can access with a tablet or mobile phone. Experts say that by the end of this year, more people will be accessing the Internet by smartphone and tablets than desktops and laptops. So, don’t hesitate to ask us about going mobile.

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Jul 09 2013

Alexis Wogan in News

PBN Names Bump Networks a Finalist in Hawaii’s Fastest 50

We’re excited to announce that Pacific Business News has made us a finalist in this year’s Hawaii’s Fastest 50. We are among Hawaii’s fastest-growing small businesses and we feel so incredibly lucky to be on this list.  Keep your fingers crossed – we want to make it to the top 10 this year.

Awards will be given out at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu on Thursday, August 15, 2013 and hosted by Keahi Tucker, Evening News Anchor of Hawaii News Now. To see a list of the 49 other finalists, visit Pacific Business News.

To follow news and updates, follow #PBNFast50 on Facebook and Twitter.

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